Motorized Roller Shades

Motorized roller shades are available with either AC or DC motors. They have been designed to meet both U.S. and European electrical standards. Motors are available in several sizes, speeds, and lift capabilities for use with virtually any size window shade. The motors are fully encapsulated for greater shock resistance, along with quieter operation. The three central components of a roller shade motor are the Limit Switches, which regulate the top and bottom limits of the shade, the Brake designed for maximum strength and durability, and the Gear Mechanism engineered for versatility of lift speed output.

Automated Solutions

At the touch of a button, roller shades can be instantly adjusted to changing activities or varying sun conditions. Motorized roller shades are perfect for the following applications:

• Easily Adjust Hard to Reach Places
• Conveniently Manage Glare
• Effortlessly Adjust Large Shades
• Automatically Protect Furnishings
• Instantly Create Privacy
• Reduce Energy Costs

Automated Controls

Controlling shade motors can be as simple as using a single wall switch operating one shade or creating fully integrated systems controlling shade motors in groups, sub-groups, and individually by use of:

Motor Exploded Diagram

Manual Roller Shade Diagrams & Accessory Options

• Motorized Roller Shade

• Motorized Roller Shade MB System

Motorized MB Straight Coupler

• Motorized Roller Shade with Dual Fascia

Headbox without Tile Reciever
Headbox with Tile Reciever
Dual Headbox
Mount Strip Wall Hanger