Hembar Options

The Pocket Bottomweight Hembar is an aluminum extrusion welded into a pocket made by folding over the fabric at the bottom of the Roller Shade. When the Roller Shade is fully retracted, there is no hembar visible.

External Hembar

The External Hembar is an exposed, hollow aluminum extrusion secured to the bottom of the Roller Shade fabric. The ends are covered with plastic, color coordinated caps that are fixed in place with screws. This hembar option is available in white, black, bronze and clear anodized finishes. The Wrapped Hembar is required when hold-downs are requested. External Hembar is required for external shades, along with a stainless steel chain.

Wrapped Hembar

The Wrapped Hembar is an exposed aluminum extrusion in which the Roller Shade fabric is wrapped around the front of the hembar, locked into place at the top and bottom of the extrusion. The Wrapped Hembar is required when hold-downs are requested, and is required for the exterior shade guide wire system.