Faux Wood Blinds

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9259 Cinnamon RealGrain 1?, 2?, 2 ½”
Fauxwood Custom 2" and 2.5"

Fauxwood horizontal blinds are distinguished by quality craftsmanship and durability. These products are produced with the highest quality metal and polycarbonate components. Additionally, Fauxwood horizontal blinds are built on a roll-formed, heavy-duty steel headrail, which further increases the strength and stability of the product. The operating components are secured inside the headrail by means of snap-in fittings. The cord lock incorporates a stainless steel wear guard and has a...

175 Cherry Embossed
Fauxwood Standard 2"

Product Features: 3 ¼” Royal Valance  Low Profile Steel Headrail  High Quality Components  Heavy Duty Cord Tilt Mechanism for increased durability (wand not available) Trapezoid bottom rail for better tilt operation California Registered Flame Resistant Certified  500 hours of UV exposure equal to 5 years exposure with minimal gradual fading  Product in Lead-Free Expanded Color Selection Now Available  In compliance with the latest manufacturing safety guidelines...